NAMCO Div. is the creation of John R. Neal, Sr., our former chairman and Chief Operating Officer. Incorporated in 1981, NAMCO spent most of the 1980’s private labeling its systems for Taco. As the sales of packaged systems through the TACO agents increased, NAMCO boosters were beginning to spread across America with the Taco label on them. By the end of 1988, Taco made its decision to stop manufacturing packaged systems and granted NAMCO the ability to purchase its products as an OEM, occasionally calling upon NAMCO to produce additional "Taco" boosters and heat transfer packages.

The 1990’s proved to be a time of tremendous growth for NAMCO. Specifications across America can be found displaying NAMCO as the "spec’d" name, rather than being the "or equal" as too often happened in the past. During this time, NAMCO built its current production facility located in Dallas, Texas. This 20,000 sq. ft. facility has proven to be one of our greatest assets. Our material handling capacity exceeds 50 tons with the use of our two overhead cranes. The main door to the facility was designed to permit access by a flatbed trailer large enough to haul the maximum state allowed dimensions. Additionally, our quality and number of manufacturer’s reps carrying the NAMCO line has increased significantly.

John Neal, Sr., had been involved with the technology of "constant pressure systems" since its inception in the early 1960’s. His engineering background and technical abilities had been called upon by many major consulting firms across America. American Airlines’ Alliance Airport facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; all domestic, fire protection, and cooling waters systems within the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas; and the Defense Mapping Center in St. Louis are just a few of the varied high-level consultations John Neal had been involved with. He had been called upon to speak at various ASPE and ASHRAE functions across America. Unfortunately Sr., (as we affectionately referred to him), passed in March of 2013. It was his drive for perfection and high quality that sets our equipment apart from our competitors. He surrounded himself with people of a similar drive to continue this tradition.

Please take some time to look at our site. We are proud of our equipment and what the name NAMCO has become. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments at the "e-mail" symbol located on our homepage.

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Josh Jones, President and Sales Manager

Johnny Ornelas, Admin Assistant to Mr. Jones

Randy Hunter, Quality Control/Test supervisor

Rick Oldfield, CAD

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