NAMCO variable frequency drive (VFD) systems incorporate durable state-of-the-art microprocessor based controls to compare loop values at individual set points. Panel mounted operator interface devices (OID) allow a user to monitor system pressure, flow, speed, temperature, activated safety circuits and more. It also allows the user to easily change system pressure and other operating parameters.

Pre-engineered NAMCO systems use computer aided “wire to water” selection of pumps, motors, valves and electronic controls to insure the longest lasting energy efficient system on the market.

NAMCO factory testing with (OID) display eliminates start up delays.

Technical Documents

Butterfly Valves
Download Butterfly Valve Guide

Pressure Regulating Valves
Download Pressure Regulating Valve Guide  

Silent Check Valve
Download Silent Check Valve Guide

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Variable Speed Booster CAD

Download Duplex VFD Booster CAD

Download Triplex VFD Booster CAD

Download Quaplex VFD Booster CAD

Download Triplex VFD Booster w/Tank CAD

NAMCO Variable Speed Installations

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